PATCH: November 24, 2018

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Thanksgiving Event

  • Strange Chickens, Strange Pheasants, Strange Geese, Strange Vultures, and Strange Colossal Turkeys that spawn are no longer hostile by default (only become hostile when roasted and transformed)


  • Fixed an issue where players at 100 Stealth could potentially fail their stealth check if their Stealth skill cap was above 100


  • Players will now perma-flag against a player on any stealing attempt against them, regardless of success (perma flag wipes upon death, however)
  • Players who make a stealing attempt against another player trigger the “Heat of Battle” mechanic for 2 minutes similar to attacking another player (cant use recall / moongates during that time)
  • Players attacking a thief who is perma grey to them will not trigger “Heat of Battle” for doing so (i.e. they can defend themselves from thieves in that regard)

Storage Shelves

  • Any Shields that players have previously restocked into a Storage Shelf (which didn’t appear previously) should now reappear and players can restock shields as normal from now on
  • Harpoons should now stock correctly into Storage Shelves

Creature AI

  • Tamed Creatures should no longer follow hidden players in combat (such as a tamed creature given an attack order against a player who then hides)

Creature Abandonment / Deletion

  • Added several additional checks to prevent creature abandonment / deletion occuring unintentionally when retrieving creatures from stables or using moongates and warping to town with pets

Begging Skill

  • Toned down the amount of skill gain added to Begging skill in the previous patch


  • Braziers craftable with tinkering are now movable (previously were not movable, unintentionally)