PATCH: November 26, 2018

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Spirit Speaking

  • Spirit Stones charges will fade if unused for 6 hours (previously was 24 hours)
  • Spirit Stones now fill (4 * SquareRoot(Creature Difficulty / 100)) * Player Damage Dealt Percentage * (SpiritSpeak Value / 100) on Spirit Speak usage
  • Baseline Hit Points for Level 8 spell summons reduced by 50
  • Baseline Duration for summons is 150 seconds
  • Elder versions of summoners duration now increased by (150 * (Spirit Speaking / 100)) seconds
  • Ancient versions of summoners duration now increased by (300 * (Spirit Speaking / 100)) seconds

Tamed Creatures

  • Fixed an issue where creatures that were tamed and then brought into a guard zone within 2 minutes were being guard whacked (they were being treated as “Criminals” still with a 2 minute timer)
  • Creatures at level 10 experience should no longer generate prompts for XP gain notifications
  • Tamed creatures should no longer drop arrows on death
  • Fixed an issue where tamed creatures would not show up as hidden on server reboots

Charge Ability

  • Non-Tamed creatures using thing Charge ability now require a fully valid movement path in order to Charge (i.e. can no longer charge across water or similar surfaces)
  • Non-Tamed creatures using the Charge ability will no longer cause Knockback
  • Charge now has a 1 second “windup” (instead of 0.5 seconds) and all other players/creatures hit by the charge who were not the intended target take 50% of normal damage

Shrine Corruption

  • Fixed an issue with Shrine Corruptions distributing too many Ankh Tokens

Female Aspect Armor

  • Fixed an issue where female armor pieces (which occupy the Shirt layer, rather than Inner Torso) were not correctly counting as being part of Aspect Armor sets

Context Menu Skill Usage

  • Fixed a number of skills that could be activated via Context Menus and wouldnt use their skill cooldown timer properly

Crafting Gump Window

  • Changed the green hue for Skillgain Items to be brighter

Taste Identification

  • Fixed an issue where the Taste ID Herbal Poultice would sometimes not resist Poison / Bleed / Disease


  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be warned by vendors about having too many control slots of creatures when buying normal items


  • Fixed an issue where players using fishing nets would sometimes get the “Something emerges from the water!” message but no creature would appear

Disguise Kits

  • Fixed an issue where on server reboot players with disguise kits would lose their altered name and skin hues

Dungeon Chests / Treasure Map Chests

  • Fixed an issue with the Polymorph Trap’s handling on players (potential results now mirror player-casted Polymorph spell, and put Polymorph Buff icon in place)

Dye Tubs

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use normal dye tubs on equipped backpacks
  • Players now have a cooldown in place with how often they can dye all their equipped items at once with a dye tub (using the dye tub to target themself and getting the gump for it)

Detect Hidden Skill

  • Fixed an issue where Detect Hidden Skill Mastery Scrolls werent dropping very often

Recall Runes

  • Fixed an issue where a player could prompt to rename a recall rune, trade it, and then finish renaming it from a long distance from the rune

Treasure Map Chests

  • Party members should no longer go criminal for looting another party member’s Treasure Map Chest

Stealing Perma Flags

  • Fixed an issue where permaflags on players from stealing were not being cleared on death
  • Removed the mechanic where a player who had a permaflag upon death would immediately become criminal upon ress

Server Rankings

  • Players with Banned accounts will no longer be displayed in Server Rankings


  • Players in the Arena and Faction Bases can now use Stablemasters even after recently being in combat


  • Players inside any house now have a Context Menu entry for “Eject” to remove themself from the house

Item Identification

  • Fixed an issue with 115 Item ID skill so it will now properly list how many items of a specific type exist in the world

Arch Protection, Arch Cure, Mass Cure

  • Arch Protection, Arch Cure, and Mass Curse will no longer target players who are hidden (and subsequently would “reveal” their location)


  • Players are now unable to snoop the backpack of a player who is hidden