PATCH: November 7, 2018

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  • A bug was discovered where if players deleted a character on their account, there was a chance that their whole account’s Societies Record would also be deleted along with it (apologies!)
  • To compensate for this, for the next week and a half all players will receive double reward points for completing any Society Jobs (it will be listed in the Society Job Board as it’s normal reward amount, but upon completion, players will actualy get x2 the normal points amount)

Heat of Battle

  • Fixed an issue where the “Heat of Battle” mechanic wasn’t performing properly
  • When a player initiates combat against another player, they are considered to be in the “Heat of Battle” and for the next 2 minutes the attacking player cannot use any Moongates (player created or public), cast Recall, or cast Gate
  • Players will recieve a message when an attempting to use a Moongate/travel spell while they have “Heat of Battle” active telling them how much time remaining they must wait before they can travel as normal


  • The [ShowSkillGain command has been renabled

Tamed AI Handling

  • Reverted the previous handling for tamed creatures that was causing some pets to require repeated commands issued to pull them out of the Stop command
  • After a tamed creature has killed it’s Attack target, it will automatically return to Follow mode

Provocation Damage

  • Fixed an issue that was causing provoked creatures to deal 1 damage (should now be correctly 100% of normal damage)

Tailoring Artisan Clothing

  • Rebalanced some of the Cloth requirements and Mastercrafting Requires of Artisan Clothing in the Tailoring menu (all take 120 Tailoring to craft)

Clothing Alteration Kits

  • Players can now craft Clothing Alteration Kits with 100 Tailoring skill (takes 50 Leather to craft)
  • Players can use Clothing Alteration Kits to take any existing piece of Clothing, Mask, Headgear, or Neckgear and merge it with a stack of colored cloth to adopt that hue color (this consumes the cloth used)
  • Each Clothing type will require a different amount of cloth be consumed to alter the hue, with the amounts being roughly the same amount of cloth that would be required to craft an item of similar size through Tailoring crafting





Corpse Looting

  • Players loot their own corpse or the corpse of a creature they have rights to loot (i.e. is grey to them) they can now grab items regardless of Line-of-Sight to the corpse (should deal with issues of players not being able to loot things on certain stairs or walkways that was blocking them from grabbing items)
  • Players who kill a creature they have tamed should now have the corpse show up as grey to them
  • Fixed several issues with handling for looting rights, and the top damager should have rights to a non-boss corpse (and any guild members or partymembers of that player can also loot)


  • The [Password feature now will only let you change the password for the account you log in with (and not other accounts tied to your IP)

Log Out Teleportation

  • Fixed an issue where players logging out ontop of translucent, walkable water were being teleported to town upon logging back in

Name Verification

  • A number of professions, such as “ranger” or “mage” that were previously blocked by the Name Verification system have now been opened up and players may use those names in their character names

Map Crash

  • Fixed a crash related to players viewing an in game map with very low cartography skill