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Lag Is Gone

It is with great excitement we announce that we were able to get to the root of our performance issue with thanks to Luthius, Jaedan and Vorspire, and the lag is gone!   Outlands has exceeded our wildest dreams in terms of player population, exceeding 1300 players online, and our emaulator software simply wasn’t equipped to […]

PATCH: November 6, 2018

Please click the title to review the patch notes.  

Outlands Surpasses 1300 Online Players

Outlands is officially the worlds largest Ultima Online shard, hitting peaks of over 1300 players, and consistently staying above 1200 clients online.    We are aware of the current performance issues and doing everything in our power to improve the gameplay experience for all of our users.  Thank you for your patience!

Forum & Wiki Reverted

Due to issues beyond our control (database corruption), the forum and wiki have been reverted back a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this is the end of the web saga.   In a positive light, the website is moving much faster now.  Patch notes will be condensed and re-posted as soon as […]

Patch & Web Server Issues Resolved

Happy to announce the patch server issues have been resolved! Your downloads/installations should now happen much faster. If your Launcher doesn’t automatically update, please download a new one.    

Scheduled Network Maintainence 11/3

Please be advised, one of our upstream providers will be performing maintenance on one of its routers between midnight and 4am CDT on 11/3. This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency for some players.    This will include the game server and the patch server.