PATCH: May 19

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  • The Prevalia Casino has been reopened with Monster Shuffle available again
  • Fixed a large number of issues with Monster Shuffle, including Match and Group bonus amounts as well as item loot drop rates
  • The Prevalia Casino is now a Mountless and Stamina-Free zone
Guild / PvP Patch Support
  • Added a large amount of code to support upcoming features for our Guild / PvP patch (this patch is coming to Test Center shortly)
Staff Support Functions
  • Added staff support to be able to manually edit player’s Echo Skills
  • Added staff support to be able to manually assign Reward Points to players (Arena, Faction, Achievement, Societies, etc)
  • Added staff support to be able to manually assign Titles to players
Omni System
  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly distributing Mastery Chain Links during Omni-Boss fights
  • Players who are allied to a guild can now freely use their summoned Omni Gate as if they were part of the guild
  • Players will no longer be able to use Aspect Cores, Aspect Distillations, Arcane Scrolls, or Mastercrafting Diagrams to pay for Echoes
  • Players will still be able to pay for Echos using Gold, Doubloons, and Skill Mastery Scrolls,
  • Custodians are now back online at Boss locations and should be working as intended
Mastery Chains
  • Players may now type [MasteryChain to double-click their current Mastery Chain (an entry has also been added to the Mechanics section of the Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands tab for this)
  • The Artisan Achievement now uses Aspect Distillations (instead of Aspect Extracts) and the amount per achievement rank has been increased moderately
  • Players must now click twice in order to confirm purchasing Reward Items from the Achievements menu
  • Players should now be able to manually double-click weapons and armor in the Arena in order to equip/dequip them during combat (following the normal item restrictions for the duel)
Heat of Battle
  • Fixed a few issues where players with a Heat of Battle longer than 2 minutes (due to PKing with 2+ players) could sometimes reduce it back down to 2 minutes (this is no longer possible)
Creature Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Antlions and Ankhegs using the Dig ability wouldn’t display their damage dealt as coming from the tamer (they should now correctly count as tamed damage)
  • The Skill Gain Rate for Lumberjacking has been drastically increased
Housing Gump
  • Fixed several display issues with Black Boxes in the housing display gump
Lore Note Pages
  • Players may now double-click and view Lore Note Pages that are locked down in a house
Boss Creature Carving
  • Mini-Bosses, Shrine Bosses, Omni-Bosses, and Event Bosses now have a uniform “Difficulty” level, when player carve their corpses, that is used to determine amount of Meat, Leather, and other resources that appear on the corpse
  • Mini-Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1000
  • Shrine Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1500
  • Boss Difficulty value for carving is 2000
  • Omni Boss Difficulty value for carving is 5000
  • Event Boss Difficult value for carving is 10000
House Experience and Creature Loot
  • Players who are inside a house when a creature is killed will no longer be considered to have dealt damage to that creature, preventing them from earning Aspect XP, Mastery Chain XP, Society or Achievement Progress, or Tamed Creature XP from the creature
Boss Results Gump
  • Added staff support to the Boss Results gump to see which players have recieved Mastery Chain Links and Tokens of Heroism (players will not see this data however)